Tech Trackers

An ongoing TV series that draws kids into the world of the Bible and creates a desire to understand more. Memorable characters, dramatic action, apologetics and worldview immersion through a great story. A hollywood script consultant has helped ensure this is a winner.

The Story Guardian

40 biblical stories told using the most effective missionary methods combined with great actors and the persuasiveness of the big screen.

This is unlike any media for kids. It is not cartoons, but uses the skills of storytellers to energize a child's imagination so it's more memorable and the message of the stories are comprehended at a deeper level. We call it "grown up" programs for kids.

Truth Tips

These are short movies designed to build and protect young faith.


Tech Trackers delivers apologetics and worldview through characters dialogue and the story

Tech Trackers, a modern story, brings compelling evidence about the biblical stories to show there absolute reliability and truthfulness to an age ( 8 -14) who desperately needs to hear it.

The Story Guardian incites the imagination and enhances retention and understanding by using effective missions methods

By combining effective missions storytelling methods with professional actors and cinematic filmmaking skills we can penetrate hearts and minds. These storytelling methods have proven to cause viewers to comprehend and retain the stories on a much deeper level. This is a key requirement of effective disciple-making. The programs will encourage and equip kids to re-tell the stories to others. (Peers, siblings, Parents and grandparents)


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