“Larry Watts is a highly skilled, creative and experienced video producer and graphic artist who has a zeal to use his talents to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. God has given Larry Watts a heart of compassion for children. He desires to reach them with the truth of God’s Word before they are ensnared by the lies of the world. In a day and time when more than half the children raised in the Church are being lost to the world, Larry has a passion to help them understand and defend the fundamentals of the Christian faith. This is a ministry that is sorely needed in Christendom today.”
Dr. David R. Reagan, Founder and Director of Lamb & Lion Ministries
Host of  Christ in Prophecy airing on Daystar, Inspiration Network, NRB Network, The Church Channel, and TBN

“There was once a college professor who left his prestigious position to teach elementary students. His peers could not believe it! His  response was: “Would you rather write your name in brick before it is baked or afterword?” John Dewey, the famous atheist known as the Father of Progressive Education, said “The time has past for belief in theism.” He proceeded to write “his name” in elementary school students, and  changed the course of American history. We’re all suffering for it. Larry Watts is out to correct this course, and I applaud him!”

Dr. Christian Overman
Dr. Overman is the author of Assumptions That Affect Our Lives, God’s Pleasure At Work, The Difference One Life Can Make, and co-author of Making the Connections: How to Put Biblical Worldview Integration Into Practice.
Christian holds a a Doctor of Ministry degree from Bakke Graduate University, where he studied under Dr. Ray Bakke, and a Master of Education degree from Seattle Pacific University, where he studied philosophy of Christian education under Dr. Albert E. Greene, Jr. He is also a commissioned Centurion, studying under Charles Colson.



“In a pluralistic society where multiple worldviews compete for supremacy, His Nature TVoffers a compelling affirmation of the Christian worldview. As more and more young people are either being swept away by fallacious worldviews or simply rendered indifferent to the truth, His Nature TV provides a much-needed resource to not only build up their resistance but also equip them to be formidable contenders for the faith.”

S. Michael Craven

Columnist and Author of Uncompromised Faith and President of the Center for Christ & Culture



“Fifty years ago children were influenced and educated by parents, churches and local neighborhood schools.  Not so anymore!  Arguably, the media has more influence over children today than parents and churches and, it seems public education has more to do with indoctrination than education.  The results have been catastrophic.  His Nature Ministry is wholly dedicated to using that same technology to teach children the biblical worldview and to prepare them to stand strong against debauched secularism and its terrible consequences.  I know of no other ministry with such a specific goal, and I heartedly support Larry and his efforts!”

Don McGee, Founder and Evangelist, Crown & Sickle Ministries 

“I am privileged to recommend His Nature Ministry – – a strategic ministry whose goal is to build a Christian worldview in children through the powerful medium of television. Larry Watts, who heads up this ministry, not only has a heart for reaching and training children, but is also skilled as a television producer, with many years of experience. Your children will be blessed through this ministry!”

 Dr. Ron Rhodes


President of Reasoning from the Scriptures Ministries

(Dr. Rhodes is author of over 60 books on various topics in apologetics, cults, Christian doctrine, and theology. He also was a regular speaker on the Bible Answer Man radio program)


“For many years I have remarked of the need for a teaching vehicle aimed at young people to help instill in them a biblical worldview. Though it surely has its place, parents must recognize that safe, family entertainment rarely teaches what we as Christians believe and why. With little emphasis on it, the majority of today’s Christian youth are sorely lacking systematic teaching which stands against the politically correct atmosphere and refutes the errors of the various worldviews around us. To be effective, such teaching should incorporate the various technologies available to us today. Finally, I believe an answer is on the horizon! The concept and the materials that His Nature TV will produce will go a long way in filling this void. I am excited for my friend Larry Watts, a God-led visionary, as he and his team develop this new cutting edge, tech-friendly TV series aimed at changing young lives and building solid biblical thinkers.”

Eric Barger, Author, Speaker

Take A Stand! Ministries, Take A Stand! Radio