Our Approach

Is to unite excellence in acting and filmmaking with the most effective mission strategies using stories to create engaging programs in a television format for TV broadcasting, web TV series, DVD's, downloadable media for cellphone and iPad devices.

Our Story

With a strong background in theological seminary studies and years of teaching children plus professional filmmaking skills our productions are at a level most mission agencies can achieve. Our productions are designed from the ground up to be adapted by other agencies to disseminate in their regions and countries.

Join our Team!

Are you an actor, filmmaker, creative writer, or skilled production pro? We have a place for you!


Actors and Filmmakers

Staff and Volunteer

Degree? No degree? Natural talent is what we want. You can even sharpen your skills on the job if you have a willing servants heart!


Great Commission leaders

Reach the mission field at home!

No matter your age or station in life you can be part of a movement to reach 8 - 14 year olds.

If you are a grandparent you know the changes that have taken place and the critical need to influence children for their eternal sake.

We equip you or provide a proxy so you can be part of the great commission.


Financial Partners in Mission

Monthly and one time gifts

Let your reward be in heaven by sending it ahead where moths and rust can touch your money!

Next Steps...

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